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covid-19 chatbot lisa

Project Details

FOR: Liberty City

Date: June 2020

Learning Solution: Chatbot 


WHat tool this would be built-in?

The chatbot will be built in

Using, we’ll be able to create an approachable and conversational chatbot named Lisa the COVID-19 Guru

Lisa will act as the gatekeeper of an extensive knowledge base to help the community obtain relevant resources they need on demand.


why this solution?

Friendly and personalised chatbot catering to the needs of a diverse community. 

Integration to existing platforms (Website and social media channels) to make accessibility easy.

Vibrant and simple interface that Liberty City can connect with.

Low maintenance and requires no coding.

Budget saving and opportunity to reinvest in marketing strategies to maximise solution.


how to future proof this solution

Lisa the COVID-19 Guru, can survey questions at the end of each community member interaction to collect data around questions asked or ways to improve. 

This means that the client has the ability to act on the data provided by continually updating the knowledge base that feeds Lisa. 


In the future Liberty City no longer need to provide specific information on Covid-19, they can repurpose the chatbot to provide support to their community on anything. 

What it looks like

Website Integration Lisa Chatbot.png

🛠️ Tools used: and Adobe Illustrator


let's create some magic!

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