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CORE Customer Service Excellence

Creating Customer Obsessed Sales and Service Disciplines

Project Details

FOR: Lendlease

Date: October 2018

Learning Solution: Interactive toolkit + eLearning


The challenge

The current full day training session was content heavy.


Learners felt there was no opportunity to practice the tools.

Planning and preparation of the training sessions were time consuming.

High paper wastage of printed materials.

No practical take away to use once the learner was back in their role.


the solution

Interactive toolkit where users can experiment and practice time management and planning skills.


The interactive tool (PDF) was accessible on the sales departmental portal. This allows the learners to access the toolkit anytime whilst at their desk or on the go.


The practical toolkit is supported by a short elearning focusing on spotlighting real Lendlease employees sharing their experience with various time management and planning tools and how they used it.


the result

Increased efficiency in learners workflow with an accessible toolkit.


Reduced a full day content heavy training session.

Increased practical learning through an interactive toolkit and a bite sized elearning.

Reduced significant plannning and preparation time. 

Saved trees by reducing printing of session materials.

What it looks like

Interactive Toolkit

core interactive tool.gif


core elearn.gif

🛠️ Tools used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Articulate Rise


let's create some magic!

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