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bullying and harassment

Project Details

FOR: Hot Noodle

Date: July 2020

Learning Solution: Scenario based game 

Tools Used

The challenge

Hot Noodle restaurant chain identified a need to train their staff on bullying and harassment.

The goal is to encourage a positive workplace where people feel comfortable to be themselves.

The key issues would be around jokes between staff and comments about racial stereotypes. The workforce is multicultural.

Hot Noodle is looking for a 5 minute learning experience that is engaging and interactive.


the solution

A scenario based game with a purpose to encourage and empower staff to take action and call out unwanted behaviour.

The game will assess the staff's decision making process which will lead into the use of consequential feedback. This will allow the user to see how their decision plays out in the scenario. 

Post scenario based game, there is a virtual commitment board where the staff can post their commitment to creating a positive workplace. All Hot Noodle staff will have access to this board to contribute, like, comment and interact with their colleagues posts. 


What it looks like

Landing Page.gif
Learning Design Approach.gif
Call to action.gif

Here's my thinking



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