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Tips for bringing your elearning to life!

Watch me ramble on about some tips and resources on The Belvista Studio's Show. I'm pretty sure I said "brain fart" in here a few times. 😂

Tools mentioned:

Canva for making life easier if you do not want to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop:

Gravit Designer is an amazing free tool if you do not have access to Adobe CC:

Vectr is a free vector tool: is an infographic tool:

Video Planning and Logistics Template:

Resources mentioned:

Freepik for free images, vectors and illustrations:

Vecteezy for free vectors and illustrations:

Pexels for Instagram style images: Free vector art online (the 20 best sites):

Flaticon for free icons:

Emojipedia to spice up your learning with some emojis: LXCanvas to plan, structure and design your solutions:

Where I get my inspiration:

Muzli Magazine (favourite blog to read whilst on the train):

Interaction Design Foundation (great small investment for personal development):

UImovement (great way to get creative when experiencing creative blocks for interactions):

Dribbble for design inspiration:

Behance for design inspiration:

Conferences mentioned:



Learning 2019:


✨ What are some of your tips? Share in the comments below!

Your Learning Geek,


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