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amanda nguyen aka learning geek

Oh, hey there! 👋I'm a learning experience designer based in Sydney, Australia.


I started my career in HR and found out there was a world called L&D...10 years later I never looked back! 


 I create, design, develop, strategise, coach and mentor.

I'm currently...

designing my dream lifestyle✨

So... I'm doing what I love whilst being my whole self.


Run my own digital learning solutions business

AmandaLXD at your service! I'm pinching myself, I still can't believe it. I left my dream company to go and pursue my dream lifestyle. I've always wanted to be my own boss. But let's be real. I now report into my Pomeranian, Ellie. She can be demanding.


Adventures through life with my loved ones

Family time is important to me. This means going on camping trips, pigging out at local restaurants and creating memories with my loved ones. 


Share my creative messes through abstract art

Fun fact, I'm an ex-abstract graffiti artist. I've been getting down and dirty with spraypaint, ink and paint since 2004. Now I design abstract homeware and art in my down time.


Save up for a hobby farm to rescue many llamas

"Where do you see yourself in the future?" On a remote farm with my rescue llamas, silkie chickens, horses, cows, ten dogs and oh my husband and kids. I'm gonna makes this happen. Even if it takes me 50 years! I will have my llamas!

my work values


I'll do everything I can to ensure I exercise my creativity to provide you with a bespoke solution. 


I'm not about the quantity. I love my craft and want to provide you with a quality solution, always.


If something isn't right or I'm unable to assist you, I'll totally be honest.


let's create some magic!

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