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Solving problems brings me joy.

Every learning interaction matters. Whether it be for awareness, change or influence, there are many ways to create a meaningful learning experience for your intended audience.

here are some of the things i do...


Bespoke learning solutions

eLearning design and development, interactive guides, animations, learning apps, chat bots, augmented reality experiences, virtual reality experiences, explainer videos - it just depends on what problem you are trying to solve!



 Need some help in solving a problem or creating a game plan? It could be you've identified a need for leadership development but have no idea where to start.


Or you're looking to enhance the existing compliance training but want an innovative approach.


Having a strategic game plan can help take you from boring learning to a meaningful learning experience for your intended audience. 


coaching and mentoring

Sharing is caring. I love to help other learning geeks to learn new things, upskill or move into learning design. I offer one on one and group sessions! 


Let's create magic

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